I'm Fabian

A Musician, Composer & Video Artist passionate to create and help bring to life meaningful artistic content

My life’s drive is fueled by the many eclectic and inspiring ways you can express yourself artistically through music, performance or cinema.

I’m passionate and committed towards the creation of music and film, pouring love and labour into realising meaningful concepts into works of art that punctuate both the artist and audiences life.

A Career Built On Passion

Music Performance

20+ years of trumpet playing resulting in winning an award and scholarship, touring internationally from UK to Europe to North America and many other countries, being on countless recordings and performing a multitude of eclectic, varying gigs.


Commissioned for film, sync briefs, music placements through agencies like Ninja Tunes Production Music, Creative Victoria, Black Cat White Cat and DWD Studios with a track featured the video game “spinrhythm” through APRA’s High-Score Co-op Collab session. Also composer for many different live bands from duos to 30 piece small ensembles, client and personal projects through many different obscure genres

Music Production

As well as producing EDM under the alias “Mr Kapow”, bringing to life other Artists tracks and concepts in music production decisions from acoustic, to acoustic-electronic and full electronic.

Record / Mix Engineer

Keen and sharp ear in listening to the technical details of recording and capturing a meaningful sounding performance and mixing a balanced yet dynamic, aesthetic track true to the essence of the track performed.


Dedicated to thorough planning and detailed discussion of theme, concepts and ideas to tell the best visual story for your project, whether it be a visual enhancement of your music through a music video, live performance in evoking, emotional perspective or to create a professional strong video for your specific needs.


Engaged in arranging any work to suit the best characteristics of each instrument within the desired ensemble of musicians, from Horn Lines to arrangements of popular songs, obscure tracks and even Videogame/Anime Soundtracks (Check out SMES, my project fo video game jazz Covers)

Band Leading​

Skills and expertise in the leadership and management of rehearsal scheduling, gig booking, social media presence, musician management, gig promotion, marketing and publicity.

Music/Video Software​

Deep understanding and knowledge of Ableton, from optimised workflow navigating the shortcuts, software instruments, audio and midi effects to produce music fast and with unique results within your music. Also incredible understanding of and Da Vinci Resolve for optimised, efficient workflow and quality output. Also know how to operate and navigate other music making softwares like Sibelius, Pro Tools, Reaper and Logic Pro.


Ability to write out or transcribe the melodic, harmonic and rhythmic notation of any song, existing or in early stages of conception. Clearly organised and designed to be readable by any musician, conductor or music producer


With over 15 years experience teaching 1-on-1 and group ensembles, expect passionate and strategically guided teachings of trumpet, piano, music theory, Ableton, composition and producing that give students an opportunity to feel inspired and learn fun and unique ways of their subject of interest

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Early Life

Even though I was born with a natural understanding towards math and art, my main challenge began with an early-learning disadvantage in English and language. This disadvantage turned to become my blessing with a defining characteristic of determination that exists consistently throughout my life. I never give up and try my hardest to work out the most complex and interesting of puzzles.

The trumpet found me at the age of 7, shining from the store front window. With an artistic mother and musical father, my upbringing encouraged my sister and I to follow new experiences and to follow our own path. This lead me to study the jazz greats and classical masterpieces, to be accepted into the Victorian College of the Arts Secondary College, deepen my knowledge in music theory, composition, arrangement, music history, music production and hone my skill as a music performer.

After high school, I was accepted into the Victorian College of the Arts studying music performance. During that time until this day, I have been involved in and highly determined to make the arts a major, consistent part of my life. And through this dedication and have many acheivements that I am proud of:


  • Winner of James Morrison Brass Scholarship and Marion Thomas Award

  • Toured Internationally in 11 countries

  • Performed at festivals like Glastonbury (UK), Boomtown (UK), Rainbow Serpent (AU), Eclipse (US), Atman (LK), Son Libre (FR)

  • Played with a huge variety of bands/artists (Grouch in Dub, Woohoo Revue, Isaac Chambers, Mahmoud Ahmed, Seven Ups)

  • Written and performed my own music under Mr Kapow, Quantum Milkshake and Fabjan Acid Heart

  • Composed and produced for clients like Ninja Tunes Productions Library, DWD Studios, BCWC Music, Local Artists and Creative Victoria

  • Cinematographer for music performances and music videos like Isaac Chambers video with 249,000 views

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