Whats a Fabian?

Throughout the years, I've composed/arranged for strings, choir, big band, orchestra, jazz, classical, chiptune, videogame soundtrack, psy trance, prog psy, house, techno and experimental eclectic music. My music and trumpeting has seen me tour internationally in America, UK, Western Europe, India, Sri Lanka, Canada and Mauritius whilst also touring all 7 states in Australia.

I have been deeply curious, intensely studying and practing the art of composition, production, arranging, sound/audio engineering and trumpet playing. This is through two prestigious music schools (VCASS AND VCA), training alongside professional producers, audio engineers and musicians while gaining real world, working experience nationally and internationally.

Currently: Producing and Composing music is at the forefront of my passion, driven by the creative possibilities. However, playing trumpet, audio/mixing engineering and video production is still something that drives me to expand my experience.

My dedication to music saw me awarded with the McComish Prize for Brass, a scholarship to meet one of Australia's most famous trumpet players, James Morrison, and learn from him personally for a whole day. Also I received a grant from the Upstart Award in Australia Towards my next musical album, The Alphabet Album: a big project which involves 26 songs for each letter of the alphabet.